Windows I and II

Happy New Year! It’s been so long since I used WordPress, the whole layout of the site has changed since I last logged in. Whoops. Anyway, here’s an update. I started doing some of the window displays at Books of Wonder (18 W. 18th St., NY, NY, FYI) back in the fall. So far I’ve installed two, and I’m working on a third right now, which should be up by the end of the month. Anyway, thought I’d post some photos!

The first was a back-to-school theme featuring popular picture book characters, Wemberly (Wemberly Worried), Trixie (Knuffle Bunny & Knuffle Bunny Too), David (No David! et al), Iggy Peck (Iggy Peck Architect), and Viola Swamp (of the Miss Nelson books). Everything’s made of acrylic and foam board. Pretend the scaffolding isn’t there.

And the second window, installed for a November ’08 event with Robert Saburda, featured his latest pop-up book, Peter Pan. There was actually a lotttta glitter involved in this (the text and clouds in particular), but apparently the camera didn’t much take to it. So pretend that’s there while you’re still pretending the scaffolding isn’t.


3 thoughts on “Windows I and II

  1. Did I forget to mention how much I love these!? I was so distracted by the kitty staring down the drain my brain wouldn’t let me look away. Lovely work my dear!

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