Zombie Parade

My first Illustration Friday submission! This week’s theme was “parade” and I interpreted it thusly:

It’s been a long time since I made a silhouette and I now I just wanna keep on keepin’ on. Coincidentally, I’ll be hearing Kara Walker speak tomorrow at the University of Chicago. Quite excited. Should be good inspiration. And speaking of which, here’s a cool Kara Walker link, with a neat slideshow of her at work: click click. I love that she references paperdolls. I’ve got two paperdoll books on my “instructional” book shelf not but four feet behind me. This may also be a good time to tell you how much I love organizing books. I love it. I’d rent out my services if I thought anyone would take me up on it.


3 thoughts on “Zombie Parade

  1. Ah, thanks! I didn’t have internet access from my last apartment for about a year. While I found I didn’t miss it much and it broke me of a lot of time wasting bad habits, I actually MADE a lot less at the same time. That’s not all to do with the internet, of course, but there’s definitely a lot of inspiration to be found online, seeing all the stuff other people are making, and it’s always nice to get feedback. I shall try to keep up with it. Glad someone’s still reading!

  2. I used to visit your livejournal everyday, I really loved it. I wish you didn’t stop posting there. I keep visiting your domain from time to time. When I found out about this blog I added it to google reader and it made me really happy seeing you were posting more often so I had to leave a message. So please, keep posting, a girl from Spain can’t be the only person waiting for your stuff :)

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