cracked (or i miss you already)

Another silhouette for Illustration Friday. I’ve been adding all of these to the graphics page at, by the way. This week’s theme was “cracked”. I had a really difficult time trying to decide on a gradient for this one. May still change it, particularly if I ever take any decent photos. Anyway, here ’tis:

In other news, as of today I am a proud card-carrying member of the Chicago Public Library, and I may have found my favorite Chicago bookstore, Book Cellar in Ravenswood! Thank you, Jennifer Moody. You know wassup. Speaking of which, you should look at her website because, like I said, she knows wassup:


12 thoughts on “cracked (or i miss you already)

  1. WAIT are you fing serious? i hope you know i live about TWO HOURS from chicago and we go there on the regs.

    i mean, i came here to tell you that i love this 100%, no surprise, but girl seriously.

  2. that i am. i moved here approximately 27 days ago. i am frequently cold, but otherwise utterly smitten. more importantly though, LINDSEY, LET’S BE FRIEND IRL ALREADY. it is the main reason i moved here, to be honest. don’t leave me hangin’.

  3. Hey this is a beautiful image, it has a lot more to it to a lot of the entries I’ve been looking at this week. Kudos. Have a good week!

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