you just wait and see (tra la la la la) she’s quite a girl

I guess in some really roundabout way this could work for this week’s Illustration Friday topic (“adapt”), but it seems like a stretch. Forgive me. Really, when I think about the word “adapt” I picture a human with wings, Darwin and Nicholas Cage. All separately. Maybe Darwin or Nicholas Cage with wings? I don’t think it’s worth my while to illustrate the later, in particular, though. ANYWAY, WHO LIKES PIPPI? OH, RIGHT. EVERYONE.

So this is my proposed Pippi Longstocking cover. Wouldn’t that be lovely? There is a very nice version illustrated by my dream girl, Lauren Child (of Charlie & Lola fame), that you should look into if you haven’t seen it and don’t find it worth your while to employ me to create one JUST FOR YOU (though really you should).

Anyway, here’s what I was aiming to illustrate to begin with before I realized I was makin’ a “P” (and also before I realized that the text read “shoe” not “toe”… despite having read over it at least three times. WTF, brain?)

From Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, Chapter 7, Pippi Goes to the Circus:

In the meantime, the next act had started. It was Miss Elvira, who was going to walk the tightrope. SHe wore a pink tulle dress, and she had a pink parasol in her hand. Taking dainty little steps, she ran along the tightrope. She swung her legs and did all sorts of acrobatics. It looked so sweet. She even showed that she could walk backward on the slender rope. But when she came back to the small platform at one end of the tightrope and turned around, there stood Pippi.

“Quite a surprise, isn’t it?” said Pippi with delight when she saw Miss Elvira’s astonished expression.

Miss Elvira didn’t say a word. Instead she jumped down from the tightrope and threw her arms around the neck of the ringmaster, who happened to be her father. And the ringmaster once again sent his attendants to throw Pippi out. This time he sent five of them.

But then all the spectators in the circus started shouting, “Leave her alone! We want to see the red-headed girl!”

And they all stmamped their feet and clapped their hands. Pippi leaped onto the tightrope. And Miss Elvira’s acrobatics were nothing compared to what Pippi could do. When she reached the middle of the tightrope, she stretched one leg high in the air, and her big shoe spread out like a roof over her head. She bent her foot forward slightly so that she could tickle herself behind on ear.

P.S. Wouldn’t the Adventures of Pippi Longstocking logo make a sweet tattoo? I mean, if you knew nobody would mistake it for a Wendy’s icon?


6 thoughts on “you just wait and see (tra la la la la) she’s quite a girl

  1. Lindsey, it is a very real possibility. Have your people contact my people. Or like, just e-mail me your ideas and stuff.

    110specialblack (what’s your actual name?), thanks for makin’ it work! I don’t recall the beans, but I like it when she makes cookies on the floor.

    And Rui, thanks! Though I just checked out yours and it’s much more on topic. Very cool.

  2. wow thank-you so much! its my 21st in 4 days and i wanted to get a pippi longstockings tattoo… and u just helped me finalise htis idea! :) mad

  3. Thank you for posting the pippi logo – I was looking for the right pippi image to get as a tattoo and I have an appointment booked two days from now with the artist’s interpretation of this logo. Cheers.

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