devil’s rain

Another Illustration Friday submission. This week’s theme is “craving”. I think the silhouette I had in mind originally would’ve conveyed the zombie’s sense of hunger better, but I wanted to challenge myself with a collage. I haven’t made one in ever such a long time. Plus, when I start thinking zombies I get very selfish and vain and need to be personally involved. So this illustrates another sort of craving as well: TO KILL AND BE KILLED.

Well, not really. But I would for sure like to wield a chainsaw like a badass. In a movie. Not so much in my actual existence.

In real life it’d be an axe.

As for the be-a-zombie desire, it’s already been fulfilled, but you probably already knew that, Zombies of Beaver Lake Part II being as popular as it is ‘n all.


6 thoughts on “devil’s rain

  1. Love your digital collage work! The zombie skin tone is great as are the scary details. The feeling is creepy/funny here. Well done!!!

  2. bahaah. i’m glad to hear that, gillian!

    and christiane, your site is great! i especially like the links. so cute. and so much to look at.

    thanks, guys! it’s so nice to get feedback (and not just cuz it happens to be nice feedback).

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