hypothetical inkings

I have trouble envisioning myself with a tattoo, but if I were to get one, I’d want it to be something badass. Or, er, floral. One or the other. Keeping with the badass, though, and with Pippi Longstocking still on the brain, I designed a silhouette that I’d sport if I were sure I was the tattoo sportin’ type. I also made a redesign of the Pippi braid logo, which I’m way more likely to get. But where? Hmmmmm. Thoughts?

Dido Twite (heroine of much of Joan Aiken’s Wolves Chronicles series) is, in my opion, even cooler, though lacking in upper body strength by comparison. The Edward Gorey emblem artwork from the cover of one of Aiken’s books is something I’ve been considering getting for awhile, The Stolen Lake being my favorite book, but Dido and Pa having the better artwork. Quandry, right? So I made a composite image with pieces from three of Gorey’s covers that I’ll most likely never do anything other than dream about:

Dido (right) by herself would be nice. Or a Quentin Blake illustration. Matilda or Mortimer from Arabel’s Raven


5 thoughts on “hypothetical inkings

  1. def the horse with pippi holding on would look badass on your arm, then you can add stuff to it over time and eventually have the coolest sleeve ever – Just the braids would look good on your wrist/forearm, or behind your ear or something. They are sweet nonetheless

  2. HI NICOLE. ok i haven’t been here in a while and it struck me i should come.

    i just want to say, that i love edward gorey and have one of his pieces tattooed on me. so a+ thing to consider.

  3. i am good! thanks for asking.

    anyway, it’s actually reallllllllly simple and not very exciting. i had an edward gorey day calendar back in 2006 and there was one page that had a little butterfly flying over something spilled on the floor. i got the little butterfly. i was too scared to get anything more complicated because i was afraid it wouldn’t translate well into a tattoo. i am also kind of a wimp. it took like five minutes and now i have a butterfly on my wrist. i don’t really have any pictures of it but you can get a VAGUE ideal of how simple it is from this picture http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v318/82/118/21700147/n21700147_38028810_148.jpg

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