heavy ’bout everything but my love.

I’ve been kept busy these past few weeks. Trips to exotic and far off places, like… Detroit. Eating angel wings to the point of nausea. And, oh, working on a poster for a local theater. So I’ll have that to show/promote soon. In the meantime, it’s just a quick ‘un, but here’s my submission for this week’s Illustration Friday theme: Hollow.

Pretty much reads like a diary entry from my 9-5 life this past month. If a diary were worth keeping. But it’s not. Which is the point.


3 thoughts on “heavy ’bout everything but my love.

  1. it’s a polish sweet. also known as “chrusciki”. my boyfriend’s family is polish, and his sister gave them out as favors at her wedding. they were shocked and appalled to hear the words “what are angel wings?” fall out of my mouth over dinner. I HAD had them once before, on paczki day (metro detroit is v. polish, but i am not), but I didn’t remember FO’ SURE. their response cleared my memory real quick though.

    but basically they’re fried cookies covered in powdered sugar and they make me feel sick but i love them and have to eat about ten in a row whenever they are placed in front of me.


  2. I always really like your illustrations, because they have a very fairy tale v. real world aesthetic. This one in particular reminds me of alice in wonderland.

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