ekphrasis: CALL FOR ARTISTS!

One of the first things I did upon moving to the fine city of Chicago was to meet with a few of the very lovely, very talented, and ridiculously long-hour working people at Sideshow Theater. I got to read their latest play, Ekphrasis: From Cave Walls to Soup Cans, which is a smart, funny, warp-speed art history lesson written by E. Warren Perry Jr. and THEN I got to make a poster for it. Lucky me! But MORE importantly (at this moment, anyway), they also asked me to curate an art show to coincide with the play’s run. That means I needa find stuff to hang. And fast. So if you make art, or you know people who make art or who know people who know people who make art and would like to show it to lots of people and potentially sell it and make moola, you should tell them to READ THIS and E-MAIL ME. And if you don’t have any of that going for you, maybe you should just see this play.

Here’s the poster, the info, and my very heartfelt CALL FOR ARTISTS!

( click here for closer viewin’ )

Sideshow Theater is looking to showcase the work of LOCAL VISUAL ARTISTS, to hang in a gallery in conjunction with their latest play, “Ekphrais: From Cave Walls to Soup Cans” at the Viaduct Theater in Chicago. All artwork must be 2D, ready to hang, and shoud fit the theme of “art about art”, that is, art that plays with notions of art history, references known works, or somehow plays with the idea of genre. All interpretations, styles, genres and 2D mediums welcome! For more information about the play, visit ekphrasisplay.com.

Sideshow Theater is a nonprofit organization, and all profit from art sold goes directly to the artist. All of it. 100%. Artwork will be on display for the play’s entire run: August 9 – September 20, 2009. Shows are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 PM, and Sunday at 3 PM. The Viaduct Theater hosts more than these performances, though, which means your work will be on display during live musical performances and the many other events hosted there. While this ensures your work reaches a larger audience (!), it also puts it at greater risk. Please submit with this in mind as neither Sideshow nor Viaduct claim responsibility for your work, should you choose to have it included in the gallery.

Artists must be able to transport their work to (and from, if not sold) the ViaDuct theater. Art submissions must be received by August 1, and those selected must be able to deliver their art work by August 4th. To submit contact Nicole at nicoleslaw@gmail.com. In your e-mail include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Title of piece(s)
  • Dimensions
  • Medium(s)
  • Indicate whether or not your piece is for sale, and if so include the price
  • MOST importantly: a photo of your image(s)
  • *Feel free to submit more than one work, but please no more than three.



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