Shhh… I found the Secret Garden

Oh hi, Internet. I’m real sorry for being such a rotten pen pal, but here’s a thing for you to look at with your eyeballs:

Shhh: I Found the Secret Garden, painted book cover in acrylic

Many moons ago I found it in my sweet angel heart to rescue this beat down ‘n battered hardcover edition of the Secret Garden from the damaged bin at work. I took it home, taped up the spine, and painted on my own cover. And I didn’t like it. So I let it sit. For months. Then, yesterday, I decided to give it another crack and I’m happier with these results, though the faint flower background is a little TOO faint in this scan, unfortunately. In person (in the FLESH) I think it’s nice ‘n subtle, though. I’ve got a comic strip back cover summary in mind for it as well, but I’m contemplating going digital for that.


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