To quote Ernie, the sandwich guy, “ooooh, BABY!”

In a few hours, I’ll be on my way to Michigan for my older sister Jessica’s baby shower, which is tomorrow morning in the Detroit Zoo’s butterfly house! Hopefully it can live up to the time we got early admittance to the zoo (and continental breakfast — though back then I didn’t even like orange juice OR coffee, no matter how much it was made to resemble milk. Back then continental breakfast was lost on me, truly) to watch a buncha tigers tear into a MEAT PINATA. Or the time we got to feed about twenty penguins RAW FISH by SHOVING IT DOWN THEIR GULLETS.

Clearly the Johnston sisters have had some good times with raw meat at the Detroit Zoo, and this should be no exception. Still, I’m hoping everything served tomorrow will be fully cooked.

Here’s the illustration I made for the front of the invite to baby Scarlett’s pre-life party, evidence of my softer side:


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