Flight of Swans

Anthropologie always seems to have an “It” dress that makes me drool like an overexcited bulldog. Which is to say a lot. Last season it was the cranberry/white striped dress with navy sash. Now It’s the Flight-of-Swans from Twinkle by Wenlan. Look how purdy!:

It’s like wearing a birch tree! As I wish I lived in a birch forest (like, had my bed in the middle of one. Cottage not included), this is speakin’ all kinds of lovely things to me. Sadly, I haven’t the funds to fund such a splurge, so I just did a lot of staring. Staring lead to taking a crack at a fashion illustration. Here’s that:

You can find the full illustration here, if you like. I had fun doing the hair, but an impossible time deciding on colors. Plus she’s got dead eyes. In the end, I thought it worked much better cropped, anyway.


One thought on “Flight of Swans

  1. I was trying to find my distant finnish relative’s pictures of a Birch Forrest and came upon a link to your birch dress I guess…..

    Thought this blog was boss!

    I live in Oakland and would love to figure out how to get into it together

    I’m a coordinating member of Rock Paper Scissors Collective rpscollective.com
    and run an art non profit/am resident artist for ACE Arts acearts.blogspot.com
    and am program director for the website I put in the “Fields”

    Hit me up and let’s figure some creativity crossy-city thingy


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