more of my softer side

That pregnant sister of mine has got me makin’ art things for Baby New Year (the baby is due on Dec. 31st, GET IT!?) and it’s got me exploring my softer side. Again. Not that I’m normally a badass, exactly, but’chu know what I mean, ‘ight? I oscillate between enjoying myself and wondering what I’ve become. Aw well. Ian Falconer created Olivia as an ode to his niece, so maybe this kid’ll work comparable illustration glory for me! If not, I’m betting I’ll like her anyway. Here’s just a smidgen of a detail from an image I’m making for her nursery, which I’ve made into an emblem for the wimpy, baby kissin’ center of my heart.

More to come when it, y’know, finished. In the meantime, happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans!


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