I am beyond thrilled to tell you that that Lindsey Markel‘s amazing zine/podcast, You Are Among Friends, is now a book. And I had the absolute pleasure of designing the cover art for it! The drawing doesn’t do the goodness of what’s inside justice, but I’m so pleased to have helped her on her way. YAAF is honest, practical advice for girls of every age, and a huge force of positivity. There are no cheers of “GIRL POWER!” here. This isn’t feminism-lite. What you’ll find is a frank yet comforting discussion of the seemingly taboo that never sounds icky or text book. It cheers you on without ever being cheesy. Please check it out. It’s available through lulu.com right HERE.

That said, you should probably also be adding Lindsey’s blog to your daily internet-browsin’ rituals because she only writes good stuff. Not just this book, but her whole EXISTENCE impresses and inspires me because she takes every opportunity to be excited about life, grateful for it, and writes about it in a way that just… makes you happy. lalalindsey.com. Trust me.


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