Chicken Pox: Round Two

A combination of sugar, espresso, and graduate application-related stress on top of holiday/retail-related stress has got me hopped up like a… uh, rabbit? A bunny rabbit, yeah. Or some other dumb metaphor. Point is I am trying to HAVE A FUTURE, INTERNET. One that involves making stuff is my preference. So here’s something I done finally properly painted to include in my graduate admissions portfolio. You’ve seen it before, as a drawing, but this larger, painted format was my real intention for it. Of course, if I ever tackle printing, maybe you’ll be seeing that too. Anyway, here, look at this:

19.5″ x 27.5″, Acrylic on masonite

Thinking of making more. Maybe “Asthma” in honor of Danielle Kassover


2 thoughts on “Chicken Pox: Round Two

  1. hey! just so you know, i’ve been an avid stalker of yours for the past – – let’s not. i almost panicked when i realised you haven’t blogged for quite some time on LJ, but after a few clicks, i am here! shan’t freak you out anymore.

    hope your applications go smoothly <3 the poster looks awesome btw and thx for recommending lindsey, you're right she's tres fabuleux

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