girls in fields, babies in cribs

New paintin’. Very cleverly titled… imaginary drumroll… Girls In a Field. It started as an oil painting (which is what the more blended areas are; the skin, the Peter Pan collared shirt, so on) and then turned into an acrylic painting. It was kind of a nice change, to mix it up.

Oil and acrylic on canvas paper, 16″ x 19.5″


Christmas was a short but sweet affair as I had to work both Xmas Eve and the 26th AND fit train rides to and from Detroit in there. But I got to meet my tiny babydoll niece Scarlett on her 25th day of life, so no complaints here. Seeing her little fingernails really makes you think that Juno kid did the right thing. Anyway, babies make some really gruesome faces as it turns out. I mean that in the best, must amused way though. Anything that tiny and unaware can only ever be precious, so the twenty facial expressions she goes through in roughly an instant and the Exorcist-style limb spasms (after the initial shriek of fear that occurs the first time the whole of a miniature right arm flies into your face) are all pretty “awww” inducing. In short, she’s pretty awesome:


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