folks drawin’ ladies

A few things I’m digging lately:

Pool of Tears by Max Hergenrother,
The rest of his work has the same great detail and line work, but this image is really standout. It’s like Alice meets Seuss!

Little Sisters of Lost Worlds by Amy Earles,
I’ve been a fan of Amy Earles paper dolls for years now. These little witches and their little boots are kindddd of killin’ me. I’m a sucker for anything that featuers ladies though, as it makes me think of my sisters. I’d definitely be the grumpy, black balloon totin’ witch. Then again, I’m also the most likely to own a wolf mask…

City Walk by Julie Morstad,

Julie Morstad’s illustrated beautiful, unconventional picture books (like When You Were Small), but what I’m really really diggin’ are these single illustrations of girls. Reminds me a lot of Amy Cutler, but younger feeling, and I like the comparative looseness of her lines.


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