C is for …

As a Christmas present, I made a pet portrait for my sister and her boyfriend of their dog, a particularly deer-like Boston terrier name Conley. They wanted a cone image as a companion piece to a painting I’d made of Michelle’s cat, Clementine, when she was just a dizzy little baby kitten in a cone.

Just look at baby Clem. Oooohh she was so cute, playin’ with her dentures…

But I digress.

Their request was for a painting, but looking at all the fantastic and frequently ridiculous antique flash cards for sale at one of my favorite shops, Foursided (or Twosided) in Chicago, I was inspired to create my own flash card-like illustration instead. It’s just marker on paper, but I dyed the paper with tea and spices and mounted it on thicker cardstock, to give it some texture, and obviously to make it more closely resemble a flash card.

Marker on tea-stained paper, 8.5″ x 11″

And here’s the lady of the hour herself, cuz who don’t like lookin’ at pictures of puppies?


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