she cain’t see without her glasses!

I’m sure that I’ve at some point mentioned this but…

I do. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. Which means I have quite a lot. All of which must be handwashed (lest they break or start too look foggy like my beloved heart tumbler above, though that is technically plasticware). But that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the pleasure of having dedicated milk cups, soda and juice glasses, and even a cocoa mug.

Most of my drinking glasses come from two sources: I.) thrift stores. Seems kinda ew, right? I won’t buy used shoes, but I will apparently eat off a stranger’s plate. My sister will make testament to my outstanding glassware (or at least mug) thrifting abilities, though, as I have made her the proud owner of both Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and “CRUELLERS AND COFFEE HOLD BACK THE HONK” Wayne’s World mugs, respectively. I’ve also supplied my boyfriend with a Star Trek …death star? Er… I don’t know what it is, but it’s heat activated so that when he pours hot coffee into it, the “cloaking device” “disappears” and the spaceshippy busness becomes visible. Or, more visible, I should say. It’s an oldie, so it’s masking abilities have worn a bit. II.) Fishs Eddy in New York City. I learned about them while working at Books of Wonder, which is practically around the corner. We carried their Alice in Wonderland collection and once I realized I could easily pop in on 15 minute breaks, I was hooked. Their glassware is gorgeous and original and more than fairly priced, the displays are pure eye-candy and the staff is pretty top notch too. So should you find yourself milling about the corner of 19th & Broadway, GO INSIDE.

My glassware collection has been mostly limited to drinking glasses (the above are some of my favorites), but each gift-giving holiday I expand a bit (thanks mom/Anthropologie). Glass measuring cups and spoons and a butter dish (which I coveted so dearly it showed even on my iPhone, this having been my wallpaper for several weeks) are relatively recent acquisitions, and I’ve got my eye set on a cake pedestal, though as I barely have enough counter space to support a cutting board, such an item would hardly be the most practical or necessary addition to my kitchen.

Anyway, all of that is just a long-winded introduction to justify the too-much time I’ve spent browser shopping. So let me cut to the chase here and show you some of the crap I want but don’t need:

i. Orquidea teapot from Anthropologie, though I CAN’T STAND the feel of dry porcelian, so I wouldn’t be able to touch it without, er, wearing gloves. Right… ii. Pancakes Make People Happy plate from P.O.S.H. of Chicago… iii. anything from Cath Kidston… iv. ceramics by artist Irana Douer… v. not pictured, but this Tweedledee & Tweedledum cereal bowl from Fishs Eddy as well, thankyaverymuch.

…I feel kinda weird having shared this, actually.



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