joyeux anniversaire!

Since moving to Chicago, I haven’t missed New York City much. I mean, I miss the people. I miss you guys, guys. It goes without saying that it’s an amazing, one-of-a-kind city, but I haven’t at any point yet ached to be back there. Feelings of nostalgia creep over me sometimes, when I’m watching a movie and a character’s walking down a street I used to walk down, but that’s about as painful as it ever gets. Until now. Because one of my favorite New York City art galleries, Jonathan Levine, is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year and I. WANT. TO. GO.

My one consolation is that Ray Caesar‘s work is, in my opinion, better viewed on a screen than as a print, anyway.

From Such Foulness of Root Does Sweetness Grow, Ray Caesar


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