fumi in the forest

Love this Henry Darger inspired illustration by Fumi Nakamura:

Also, her newely added series Permanent Vacation is pretttttty adoarble and should be looked at by your eyeballs…

One of the things I’ve always (I’ve been looking at this chick’s art since the days of Live Journal, guys! That’s like a decade!) admired about Fumi is how there are two sides to her work. She’s got this incredible detailed, ornate side, that’s usually got something weird going on, some kind of beautiful damage. And then there are these simpler, painfully adorable drawings that read like diary entries from a girl who lives next door to Hello Kitty or Fifi Lapin in a town called Cutesville. She has duality, but her art is always uniquely her. LURVE IT. Check out more of her work at miniminiaturemouse.com.


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