ardent valentine

I’ve been taking screen printing classes at Lillstreet Art Center here in Chicago. My latest endeavor was my first attempt at using a halftone. I’m not sure black ink was right for my final pull, but I AM very pleased with my flowers.

I created the halftone, and vector flowers in Photoshop. I used a super tacky floral collage I’d made previously as the inspiration:

And voilà! The final print:

The quote is my (and everyone else’s?) favorite from Pride & Prejudice. At least when it’s falling out of Colin Firth’s mouth in the BBC miniseries (as seen here… with japanese subtitles). He is so achingly, awkwardly nervous. And such, such an ass (though for that part, and Lizzie’s whip-smart response, you’ll have to read or watch the rest). It’s the best worst proposal ever. Though considering I thought my own marriage proposal (and engagement ring) were fake, perhaps Ben & I qualify as well. Tee hee. Happy Valentines!


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