Glassware Love, Take Two: Plates & Mugs

There must be at least a million and one things I could be updating this ‘ere blawg with as of late. At the very end of June, Ben, Emilio, & I moved from Chicago to Ferndale, MI and preparations for our October wedding are in full swing. There’s a lot to be done and a ton of changes going on right now. But what do I have to show you? A buncha plates and mugs. Lucky for me, this 70’s style time warp of an apartment we’ve moved into has way more kitchen cupboard space than our Chicago shoebox ever did. And so the mental wish list (and wedding registry) continues to grow…

“From the Deep” stoneware from Anthropologie

I’m pleased to say we already own these bad boys. My mom purchased the octopus dinner and dessert plates off our wedding registry as a Christmas present last year, but we didn’t take possession of them until moving. As much as I loved the design, I was afraid food might not actually look appetizing on them. I was wrong though, and whenever dinnertime rolls around, I’m not only pleased with how sleek they look, but how sturdy they are. We’re pairing them with other blue pieces, including a set of blue and white speckled “Spring” plates (a seasonal item also from Anthropologie), and possibly the blue and white Marimekko plates seen below, to create a matching yet eclectic collection that gets to keep growing.

Marimekko for Crate and Barrel: “Siirtolapuutarha” 8″ plate, “Oiva” 10″ plate, & “Siirtolapuutarha Räsymatto” b&w 8″ bowl and 7 oz mugs | Jonathan Adler “Stripes” plate | “Black Diamond” bread-and-butter plate by Royal Limoges

Had I not already taken the blue road, I’d probably go black and white. Either way, I love Marimekko. The stripes and spiral designs, from Jonathan Adler and Michael C. Fina, respectively, were beautifully paired together in the Summer 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings

Marimekko “Mini Unikko” kids dinner set

a beautiful, teensy little set that would make a great gift if I didn’t shudder at the thought of my niece accidentally but all too easily destroying $70 worth of designer glassware in a single bound.

Pippi Longstocking carafe photo by Varpunen, Moomin “Adventure” jug photo by Laksmi

Varpunen & Laksmi’s beautiful photography could probably make nearly anything look charming, but these are fantastic. Like I want to fly directly to Finland and hunt these down fantastic. Unfortunately, I can’t find any other trace of the Pippi teapot. What’s very easy to find, though, is a whole lotta Moomin love, like at the Finnish Design Shop, for example. Certainly Moomintroll’s no Hello Kitty, but it’s amazing the amount of Moomin items out there. And by out there I mean outside of the United States. It will seriously be bad news trying to figure out how to travel home with a boatload of breakables if I ever actually get to Europe.

Fishs Eddy “Dorothy” mug & Kate Spade “Library Books” mug

Fortunatley these likewise lit-inspired mugs are closer at hand, from New York’s own Fishs Eddy and Kate Spade.

Witness further evidence of an ever-worsening condition by perusing my Pinterest “Glasswares” gallery:


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