The Ghost of Paisley

A weekend spent sitting in my parent’s garage in 90 degree temperatures has taught me a few things. One, garage sale customers are ruthless penny pinching children of Satan. Two, any place you can pick up an iced coffee via a drive-thru window, isn’t giving you a coffee. They are giving you the world’s largest melted candybar flavored milkshake. And it will make you sick. Three, I… well, I don’t really like summer. I know, I know, I’m the worst, but when you aren’t a student, you can’t afford a vacation, and you have no access to a pool, summertime amounts to little more than a big puddle o’ sweat.

That said, I can’t wait for fall. The fall clothing e-mails are rolling in with their discount codes, plastic pumpkins are up for sale at your local craft store, and MY OCTOBER WEDDING IS ONLY 74 DAYS AWAY. Maybe that sounds far off to some of you, but when the 12 weekends leading up to it are almost all spoken for, you’ve got a DIY list 30 lines long, and your invitations are already late to the printer, it doesn’t feel like much time at all.

Working on wedding preparations, ie drawing ghouls and deciding which flavors of candy corn to order for favors, put me in the fall mindset weeks ago. I’m watching heads roll while Sleepy Hallow blares over the sound of the air conditioning unit, and dreaming of toasting to eternal happiness with a flute of sparkling apple cider, and… drawing ghosts. Which means I have a pattern to share with you.

Combine Ben’s love of paisley (and demand for a new iPhone wallpaper) and my love of cute ghosts and voila! Click an image to link to the wallpaper tile, and get ready for fall along with me!


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