Hedwig Eloise Wroblewski

Ben turned my kitty wish into a birthday one! Meet Hedwig Eloise Wroblewski:

Cunfunded (I don’t think the day that spellcheck recognizes Harry Potter spells is far off) as to what to give me for my birthday, Ben presented me with options. These were the options: 1) Thing 2) Other thing 3) KITTY!!!!! The answer was clear, so on Saturday we packed the cat carrier in the trunk of the car and headed over to PetCo, where local shelter and rescue agencies were camped out with kittens for the afternoon. I knew it was unlikely we’d fill out an adoption application and bring home the animal on the same day, but I was optimistic and it paid off because a few hours later we were headed home with THE MOST AFFECTIONATE, NECK SNUGGLING, TISSUE PAPER DIVING, SCREEN SCALING KITTEN THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. Or that I’ve ever known, anyway. For Emilio, my now-4-years-old cat, it was loathing at first sight, though. The sounds he issued when we brought her home were so foul and beastly I felt like an embarrassed parent despite no one else being present (“My baby did whatttt??”). We’re talking hissing and demon crying noises worse than anything he made when he was DYING of a urinary tract blockage last year. SO EVIL. Worry not though, internet friends, in the days since they’ve begun bonding over yarn and laser pointer dots and other such attention catching things. I predict some light snuggling by the end of the week.

ALSO OF INTEREST (to me): That’s the wedding wheel quilt Ben’s mom and grandma sewed (and gave to us at our wedding shower last month). I’m in love with it. His grandma assures me I have the makings of a quilter and can join in on the crafting tradition. I hope so.


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