Bottoms Up

This past Friday a longtime pal got married and it was all I could do to not weep over every. single. aspect of the reception –not even the ceremony, mind you, where you’re supposed to cry, but the party afterward— the speeches, the smooches, the delicious cupcakes… That’s partly because it’s an honor to celebrate Jennie’s happiness and partly because I am doing the whole marriage thing myself IN LESS THAN A MONTH and losing my grip.

But before I lapse into a wedding-planning-related tizzy, let me get back to my original point: Jennie. She got married and it was awesome. But before she got married she was a bachelorette in need of a party, and so an invitation was made:

Inspired by her peacock wedding theme and vintage martini ads I knew the bride liked, I designed this postcard for the occasion. Hurrahhhh! Congrats again, Jennie & Ryan!


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