How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me-heeee

Slowly but surely, internet, I plan on sharing some of our wedding details with you. Consider this part one of a series.

We had two favors at our wedding. The way I see it, two of the best things you can receive in life are as follows: 1) something to eat and 2) something handmade. Thing 1 was a small sack of candy corn three ways (Brach’s original, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon apple). The portions were small because… well, because I HAD TO HAVE THESE chevron paper Bitty Bags from Whisker Graphics, and they happened to be puny. Plus we were realistic enough to recognize that not everybody enjoys candy corn as much as we do and NOBODY likes it as much as Ben does. Thing 2 is what I want to share with you!

It’s a zine-style cookbook full of some of our most made, best loved, and fondest memory-inducing recipes, including my super-duper-excellent baker husband’s tried and true scone recipe, our most memorable Christmas dinner, and a friend’s pumpkin bread recipe I’ve been desperate for since college. Knowing it was going to be printed in black and white, and knowing that few foods look appetizing in grey scale, I made foodie ghost illustrations for the inside, inspired by the ghouls on our wedding invitations (more on those later). I’ve uploaded the booklet as a PDF for both digital reading as well as double-sided printing, should you feel so inclined. My best gal and bride’s maid Jenny stitched them up the middle with a light blue thread. With guests names written on the covers, they also served as our escort cards and something for our friends and family to peruse at their tables. I’m pretty sure the Bottoms Up! Guide to Mixed Drinks spiked Malibu + Coke action at the bar. So, while we didn’t intend to serve any signature drinks, “Bride’s Choice” ending up being a favorite that evening.

While a lot more time consuming than I’d estimated (edit, edit, edit, layout, layout, layout), I really enjoyed working on it, and it felt really rewarding to share something so inherently us with our friends and family. Peronsal, economical and, we hope, appetite inspiring. If you have any sense at all you’ll want to make a batch of my mom’s rice krispy treats. Page 14.


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