Scarlett, Age 2

I spent Thanksgiving weekend parked in front of the television, alternately eating turkey and mayo on toast and collaging while alternately watching Felicity: Season 3 and several of the ABC Family Original holiday movies Netflix has been good enough to make available (Can’t recommend Snowglobe starring Demi Lovato enough, btw). Lately I’m trying to follow my artistic whims more frequently as well as faster. One of my recent whims was to make a paper collage, mosaic-style; something I hadn’t done since painstakingly recreating the cover of When the Pawn… in high school art class. I wanted to make one purely for the act of making it. Art therapy and all that; calming but you still accomplish something, albeit something a bit cheeseball. I had no idea what I actually wanted to depict, so I went with the first thing I saw… a photo of my niece. I mean, why not? She’s adorable. And today, being her second birthday, seems like the perfect day to share my arts and crafts project.

A very happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful niece, Scarlett. Every day she grows brings us new joy. It’s truly a pleasure and a blessing to watch someone so small, so smart, and so energetic discover the world and themselves. I absolutely love ‘er. <3


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