new site! kind of!

Check it. It’s time for a heads-up-date to announce the pending-ending of and the launch of my new portfolio site, ! I sat on the name for a while and finally decided to just go with my guts (almost always the best course of action) and I’m pretty pumped on my new tag; it’s personally encouraging and a combination of three of my favorite things, all of which Pippi inspires: girldom, absurdity and stories. Thank you, Astrid Lindgren!

Pippi was quite an amazing child. The most amazing thing about her was that she was so strong. She was so incredibly strong that there wasn’t a policeman in the whole wide world who was as strong as she was. She could lift a whole horse if she wanted to. And she did. — From Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Please humor me as you would a child a hamster funeral, as I eulogize an internet domain:, you were a good domain. Sure, my web host was the pits (I just didn’t know any better), but you were my first internet home and I’ll never (er…) forget you. I had you for over a decade, since my high school days, and backing up all of my old files (ten+ years of ridiculousness dating back to Livejournal) was pretty great. There are, I’m certain, hours of entertainment to be had just browsing through the many graphics and photos you held… well, for me and my best friend since high school, anyway. You allowed me to share so very, very many stupid things, many of which leave me baffled as to what their context could have possibly been. Like the inexplicable connection I made between Lilo & Stitch and The Ring…

Or this velociraptor thinking about Easter Peeps, or teenage pictures of my feet, or this sketch of me flicking you off / adjusting my glasses or these photos from my old dorm room window facing Riverside Drive (actually rather pretty), or this image of Lindsey being Hugga-ed to tears or a whole lot of other strange and wondrous things.

Ah, internet memories! But it’s on to new and better things! Like dreamhost (awesome support, fyi, if anyone’s looking for a hosting plan) and new names for me and my website: she can lift a horse . com. The site’s just splash page for now, but I hope you’ll bookmark it and check back. Of course, I’ll post updates here.


5 thoughts on “new site! kind of!

  1. I used to visit Kill Margot when I was about 14 (seven years ago) and it was one of my favourite sources of arty inspiration. I will miss it but I’m sure even better things are to come! Love your work :)

  2. Bianca – that’s so nice to hear! I just checked out your site. Great style and I love your devotion to snail mail… printing my own stationary is one of my goals for 2012. Love your printable mail downloads!

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