Our Wedding Invitations

It’s time for part three in the ongoing internet saga that is my wedding documentation! Today I’m sharing some of our printed matter, including our save-the-dates, bridal shower invites, and wedding invitations and response cards. A healthy dose of DIY character was really important to us in planning our wedding, and I knew right away that I’d be taking on all invitation design myself. Initially I had my heart set on letterpress stationary, but in the end, I didn’t want to simplify my four-color palette, nor did I want to pay a small fortune to have that many colors printed by press. So, with the help of a friend and former print shop worker, we had them printed locally in full color on white linen, at a fraction of the price. I was thrilled with the results. They’re crisp and textured with only the slightest bit of sheen, and all of my details, down to the thinnest lines, came out exactly as intended. So, brides, heed these words: letterpress is beautiful, but if you can’t afford it, don’t try to. (pictured: leftover twine from our candy favor bags and some paper flowers, which I made into a bouquet for tossin’)

I liked the old school formality of glassine tissue, even if I didn’t actually need it for protection purposes. Using tracing paper, I cut out two sizes of hearts to insert into the envelopes over the invitations.

The invitations measured 5″x7″. The butterflies are a nod to the insect bell jar centerpieces at our reception, the ghosts were echoed in our cook book favors, pumpkins are not only a fall staple, but one of my favorite things, and reading side-by-side is often how we can be found :)

I made the numbers using fabric, cereal box cardboard, and spray adhesive for our tables (but more on that later). I keep a couple of them propped up around the house, on bookshelves and atop picture frames.

Response cards were 4"x6" postcards. (also pictured: I kept the ribbon from my bridal bouquet. Now it's tied around a vase in our living room)

Lettering digitally was probably the most time consuming design aspect, for me. Achieving a neat and readable yet imperfectly perfect handmade look isn’t quick work for me, especially on a tablet. I actually worked out a new upper and lowercase alpabet in cursive specifically for our response cards, and I’m really glad I put as much thought into as I did because I utilize it in typography elements, and just in addressing my snail mail now, all the time and it’s really satisfying to enjoy your own handwriting the way you do a favorite font.

In retrospect, if I were to change anything, I would have opted for v-shaped envelop flaps (not the lack of proper address, which has only been stamped out). I’m not losin’ sleep over it or anythang though.

I shared a glimpse at our save-the-date postcards way back when, but here they are again along with an example of other ways I used the silhouette to fancy up some of the printed materials at my bridal shower. It was perfect atop print outs of a quiz game we played at my bridal shower, and had it printed on the menus as well. I found a little personalization goes a long way in making an event look special, and all I had to do was e-mail a jpeg to the restaurant owner. The save-the-dates were glossy postcards with rounded corners and measured 5″x7″.

My bridal shower invites were also postcards, 4″x6″ with spot gloss on the front, so that the noodles and fork appeared glossy while the pink background was matte. It was at Ben’s cousin’s Italian restaurant, Pepperoni Grille, in Saint Clair Shores, MI, which, by the way, serves the greatest cheese ravioli IN THE WORLD.

And a few sketches :) And that about covers it! For more of our wedding details check out these posts:


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