Most Festive of Greetings

HOLY TOLEDO IT’S DECEMBER 20TH! THE CHRIST CHILD IS NEIGH UPON US! I guess that means I can go ahead and share some of the holiday postcards I designed this year (plus one flashback to Christmas Past)…

4″x6″ postcard for my parents, front & back. After spending too much time playing with this Make-a-Flake Flash snowflake generator one day, I was inspired to… make a flake or two. It was fun.

4″x6″ holiday postcard for Shuler Financial Services. My sister’s mother-in-law was none to pleased when she found out her husband Leon was about to send out cards to his clients using the same generic template he’d use the year before. So she forced him to hire me :) And it seems appropriate that someone who loves mail the ole’ fashioned way (he even sent me instructions that were HANDWRITTEN on PAPER through THE POSTAL SERVICE, which DELIGHTED me) should have something original. I left the right side blank knowing Leon would need extra space for all of the vintage stamps he collects and covers his mail with (another reason recieving mail from him is such a treat).

This is two things 1) a snowflake I cut out because I felt like it and 2) the first family Christmas card I designed way back when in… 2006? Featuring me, my sister Michelle and her kitty Clementine. I had no idea how to print them so I went through the process of making xerox color copies, cutting them out, and gluing the images to paper cards that I also cut, and stuffed in bright blue envelopes. I still love ’em despite all the Photoshop missteps I can see in it when it’s blown up.

Me & Ben’s 2011 card is up next!


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