In the Sink, the Sink

I’ve participated in many an Illustration Friday theme. It’s a great way to get out of your head, at least for me. Maybe the same thing would happen if I randomly selected a word for myself, but I don’t, so who knows. For whatever reason though, Illustration Friday always helps loosen me up by encouraging me to make quick associations, not question them, and then just… draw. Without any sort of pressure. It’s fun and it usually brings out some pretty worthwhile results. In fact, one of my favorite silhouettes came out of a theme. You can see all of my previous theme posts by clickin’ here.

This weeks theme is “sink”. Looking at my illustration probbbably won’t bring that word to mind, unless one of your favorite bands in high school was also Plumtree and you had a habit of singing “In the Sink” in the shower because it served as a warm reminder of your girlhood days, collecting worms with your best pal. Which I doubt. Anyway, drowning imagery certainly popped into my head, but that seemed too straight forward, so I thought about the sink as an object, which immediately forced this Plumtree lyric, one of my favorites, into my head: But my worms are perfectly clean. I wash them twice a day in the sink, the sink, the sink. Listen for yourself and make the connection.


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