Bookplate Gifts

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Christmas with our families was excellent, and something that, between living out of state and working a retail schedule, I hadn’t been able to enjoy properly for moons and moons and moons. Good company, good food, and a truly ludicrous amount of gifts. AND SPEAKING OF GIFTS… here’s a crafty one I’mma share with you…

It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say I’m the aunt who only gives books — if there’s a pair of bow patterned tights with a bear on the butt, hypothetically, I’m going to go ahead and assume you need those — but I do mostly give books. So it seemed fitting that this Christmas my nieces be the ones to benefit from my first go at making bookplates.

The two endpapers pictured here are from the books A Girl and Her Gator and A Boy and His Bear, both excellent and silly rhyming picture books by Sean Bryan & illustrated by Tom Murphy.

I used scrapbook paper to make my own envelopes, then glued a bookplate to the front. I also used used the scrapbook paper to cover the Elmer’s label on two gluesticks to tie everything together. The envelopes comfortably hold 15 book plates and 1 glue stick each. I decided to leave blank lines instead of writing in Scarlett & Heidi’s names. One of the best things about looking through your old books is seeing your own messy scrawl, and how it changes over time. Of course you could print this on sticker paper, but I opted for sturdy semi-gloss inkjet paper instead (I already had it on hand) and gluesticks so that the girls can (eventually) glue them in themselves.

My sister-in-law Alison loves rabbits, so I chose those for Heidi’s theme — at 15 weeks Heidi doesn’t have too many interests of her own, that I know of anyway — and for Scarlett, a shoe queen, footwear was an obvious theme. I’d love to design more, but it’s nice that I can just send the files along for easy home printing and envelop re-stuffing.


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