Momiji Me

I’ve always been a dork for Hello Kitty and Co. (especially Chococat) and have a newfound love (and mini collection) of Momiji message dolls (inside each one there’s a tiny folded slip of paper for a message or wish), but kawaii (as wikipedia defines it: “the quality of cuteness, especially in the context of Japanese culture”) has never been a part of my own personal drawing style. It just seems gross when I do it, not cute. Like a lot of things, what appears simple isn’t always easy to achieve. But when I noticed that this week’s Illustration Friday theme was “messenger”, I immediately thought of the three “Book Club” momiji message dolls I recieved for Christmas and decided to give “adorable” a try. The results kind of make me cringe, I must admit, but it’s good to try new things, right? So, here’s a momiji me and my book of choice is a Moleskine sketchbook. My message is top secret.

I like children’s adventure stories and drawing in my little black sketchbook.
Turning the pages to happy times, our story of friendship forever.


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