February Galentines

It’s February! That means there’s lots of pink crap everywhere! As for Valentine’s Day itself… well, I like just about anything with a heart stamped on it or that comes in a gaudy shade of fluorescent pink, I love stationery, and I have a pressing and ever-present need to consume chocolate. I see no real problems here. But I’m just as happy to see a showing of The Vagina Monologues and call it Anna Howard Shaw Day as I am to be wined and dined. For that matter, I’m happy to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary alone with a bowl of popcorn. They all sound like a good time to me.

I look at Valentine’s Day as an excuse for dessert, corny movies, and cute, dumb shit. Date optional. With that in mind, here’s some cute dumb shit I’ve been sketching lately to get even the crankiest of pants in the mood.


2 thoughts on “February Galentines

  1. Super cute nicole! Nothing like cookies covered in pink frosting- pink frosting seriously tastes better.

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