October 15th in Photos

Well, our wedding photos arrived right on schedule and we made a lovely Valentine’s day of it, pouring over them while drinking the last of the Cherry Republic Cherry Spice Wine we bought while on our honeymoon. I have looked at each of them so many times I’ve about memorized all 763 shots, but I’m still having a dickens of a time trying to figure out which ones to show you, internet. Biased though I may be, THEY ARE ALL TOO GOOD. Alas, I’ve tried to narrow it down to give you the gist of all the day’s events, as photographed by Lizz Kuehl of This is a Love Photography

One of my favorite shots. I suggested to Ben that we have this printed poster-size. He made a face that suggested he didn’t feel the same. But he didn’t say no, SOOOOO… My friend Jenny helped me pick out fabric for the bunting then stitched it up really beautifully using the letters I cut from felt. It hangs over our bedroom window like a makeshift valance now.

Us! These are pre-ceremony happy faces (though the post-ceremony faces were happy as well). We wanted to get to partyin’, so we took some family and wedding party photos beforehand.

1) Lizz took really gorgeous photos of Michelle‘s butterfly domes and paired these photos together really nicely. Gets me excited to start organizing albums and see how different shots play off eachother. 2) Also pre-ceremony. I look a lot more zen than I felt at the time. It took me about 20 minutes and a lot of deep breathes just to put my eyeliner on.

My sisters Jessica and Michelle were my maids of honor, and my best friend Jenny was bridesmaid. Scarlett, my niece and Jessica’s daughter was our flower girl and her outfit and bloomers made her look like the world’s cutest blue fairy thanks to an awesome Etsy find.

A little help from my mom. I never could tie a bow. I wore the “Spinning Lace” dress from Anthropologie. After seeing it in a store catalog, I headed downtown to try it on. I’d had a pretty abysmal dress trying-on experience prior to that that resolidified my abhorence for David’s Bridal. One of the best things about the Spinning Lace dress, aside from the fact that I can actually wear it again and it didn’t cost a fortune, is that it gave me an excuse to buy petticoats! (which, btw, ladies, don’t pay a fortune for those either. I got mine for $40 from this seemingly questionable steampunk costume website and they’re really well made, fluffy, and wonderful. Plus I got some funny RPG/time traveling information in my package.

Prior to my wedding my make up bag didn’t exist. The only products I owned were foundation, powder, mascara, an eyelash curler and a Neutragena lipstick in practically the same shade as my natural lip color. This was partly because I never liked the idea of being overly made-up, but also because I was just beauty product ignorant. Honestly, I kind of feared the stuff. Having no makeup know-how you’d think a makeup appointment would have been on my wedding to-do list, but I wanted to do it myself. I figured I wouldn’t wear much so why bother? So, in leiu of a traditional bachelorette party I opted for a day out with Jessica and Jenny, lunch, a movie, and overcoming my fear of asking for help in Sephora. And it was GREAT. One notch below life-changing, really. I discovered some products I loved and had an excuse to splurge on this Dior lipstick in Ara Red. I felt like Snow White. In a good way.

My shoes! They’re Tea and Cakes by Irregular Choice and though I love them dearly I admit that when I purchased them I had no idea I’d be walking down a cobblestone aisle. We had previewed the ceremony grounds under snowy conditions and I didn’t realize what a safer choice wedges would have been. Alas, when one finds perfectly enormous black bows like these one is left with no choice but to risk one’s life. A family friend taped a 3 pence inside a card at my bridal shower explaining the symbolism. I taped it to the bottom of my shoe for luck and to fulfill the “something old” requirement.

I made these silly speech bubbles using foam core and black Copic marker on a whim and I’m so glad I did. They made some of my favorite photos.

I had these custom bows made by Pixel & Hank and they were the first purchase I made for the wedding. It was a good thing we weren’t too set on a color scheme because the lovely but impossible-to-match grayish cornflower blue I selected for the bows was… well… impossible to match. In my more relaxed moments of planning I had faith that following my instincts would lead to a look that was “us”, without needing a set “theme” or a ton of stuff in the same shade of blue. Anyway, the girls were pretty stoked on them and they looked adorable, even if I do say so myself.

My poor mother. In the middle of a random October heatwave, in an unshaded parking lot, she exercised great patience (and upperbody strength) while I attempted to pick out about a dozen perfect pumpkins. I cleaned, carved, and painted them with acrylics a few days before the wedding.

It would be hard to say enough good things about working with our florist, Holly Rutt of Sweet Pea Floral Design in Ann Arbor. She’s sweet, she’s professional, she’s extremely good at what she does, and we clicked immediately. Jessica and I were giddy after meeting with her. The guy’s boutonnières and bridesmaid bouquets all contained small paper flowers Holly made from book pages, which Ben was a fan of.

1) I consider this pumpkin one of my better ideas. I originally designed the silhouette for our save-the-dates. 2) We purchased these dia de los meurtos figures at The Inkling Shop in East Lakeview Chicago, one of my absolutely favorite stores. The dude was originally a scantily clad luchedor, so I painted a suit on him but let him keep the boots :).

One of my favorite things about contemporary wedding photography are the ring shots and how creative and thoughtfully the good guy’s photograph them, so I was especially eager to see what Lizz would do with ours. It’s like a little summation of the whole day and it makes me so happy.

Mmm. Food. The left is crab rangoon, a food that always makes me think of Ben because of a delightful 4th of July we spent filling our faces at Taste of Chicago, where I had my first taste of crab rangoon. It also reminds me of my friend Jennifer Moody. At the time I had this issue where I constantly text messaged Jennifer when I meant to text Ben (I texted both of them a lot and, without looking, always assumed that whichever one I meant to be talking to was the default txt open on my screen). I repeatedly sent her swooning love texts and once reminisced about the delicious crab rangoon we had once shared. Jennifer, being a vegan, found this particularly strange. But mostly she found it hilarious because she had grown accustomed to me embarrassing myself by misdelivering love notes and fond food memories to her. Ah, crab rangoon, the snack worthy of both romance and friendship.

My sister Michelle, the bug lover behind Alfred & Alma’s Insect Shoppe created these butterfly (and some beetles, though I had a strict no moth policy) filled domes for our centerpieces. She spent months selecting butterflies and beetles, collecting flora and bell jars, and created a total of 17 displays for our reception in various sizes. Before I knew anything — not even a date or venue — we knew we had to find an excuse to get her to make us a bunch of insect domes. Not only were they beautiful and unique decor, they were lovingly created. Plus they seriously cut down on our flower budget and made great gifts for friends and family that had helped with the wedding. For more info and photos, check out my previous blog post on the Insect Shoppe.

Matchboxes and goodie bags filled with three flavors of candy corn, the The New Wroblewski Family Cookbook, our zine-style cookbook favor/escort cards (which you can download for yourself here), a guestbook poster I painted to match our wedding invitations, and more pumpkins!

Our cake was made by a family friend, Kristina Kakes and it was coconut and effing delicious. Even our wedding photographer declared it the best she’d ever had, and I feel like that’s really saying something. I admit to having it with tea and coffee for breakfast most days after the wedding.

Entering the reception! So happyyyy! Seriously, this is one of my favorite shots. Like so many of Lizz’s photographys, it captures such a genuine, exciting moment for us. Looking at these for the first time with Ben, my heart actually started racing again thinking about entering the crowd of our cheering friends and family. Such a great feeling.

Andy, Ben’s younger brother and best man, managed to quote the Princess Bride (one of the first books Ben and I ever shared) without uttering the word “marwige”, though I think everyone’s breath was held waiting to see if he would commit the biggest wedding speech faux pas of all. Instead he faked us out and the results were really beautiful and unexpected. Definitely one of the sweetest parts of the evening.

Dancing generally ain’t my thang and it gives me a lot of anxiety, so planning our wedding it was really important to me not just to have music we liked but to have music I would feel comfortable moving to. Turns out there’s lots of it, actually, and a lot of it’s Motown.

A cake so delicious it’s worth guarding like an ogre. Ben and I did such a pitiful job cutting into it it looked like a small animal had mauled the area where we tried to take a slice.

Michelle catches the bouquet only days after becoming engaged herself. The images prior to this one show her in a serious tackle stance with her fists out. You can tell she was going to catch it even before it was thrown. And by thrown I do mean tossed via potty-shot.

4 months and one epic blog post later, we’re happy as pie!


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