Secret Garden & Spring Patterns

I have finally created my ideal desktop wallpaper; clean, white, pretty (says I), and very importantly, not distracting. It’s leaves. I call it the Secret Garden pattern because with it spread across my monitor it reminds me of an ivy-covered wall. The type that would most likely camouflage a rusty old gate that leads to a garden, that makes a really sallow and sour girl happy and much less of a pain in the ass to be around. That kind of pattern.

Click here for a tile of the pattern you can use for wallpapering your own desktop

I love a good floral pattern to the extent that I will probably someday end up living in a house the resembles Mrs. Threadgoode’s retirement home bedroom in Fried Green Tomatoes at some point, with decoupaged flowers for wallpaper and, hideously, with every accessory I own in a different Vera Bradley or Cath Kidston pattern. That said, there are a lot of spring happy patterns I’m feeling lately. Feast your eyes upon the flora:

1. Fossil Key-Per Zip Clutch in Yellow Multi (great interior pattern too) 2. Vera Bradley E-Reader Sleeve in Folkloric 3. Liberty of London Poppy & Daisy fabric pattern 4. Botanical Asylum by Helen Dardik (other equally lovely color variations here on the artist’s blog) 5. Orla Kiely Flower Girl print (the dress kills me) 6. Cath Kidston Pinny Flowers Messenger Bag 7. Marimekko Vihkiruusu Coffee Cup 8.Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Coaster Set 9. Vera Bradley Hatbox Cosmetic in Summer Cottage

Happy Nearly Spring, internerds! Dust the dirt of the lawn chairs and brew up some iced coffee, it’s deck-reading season!


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