There’s always such an amazing feeling of refreshment that comes with the beginning of spring. Getting out of bed isn’t such a pain, I have more energy, I want to eat lighter and drink more. There are fresh herbs growing on our balcony, the cats can’t tear themselves away from the breeze through the window screens (frequently because Hedwig’s claws literally have her attached to one), and my excuses for not getting off my ass and jogging are squashed (cute shoes also help). It always makes me wonder what it would be like to live somewhere like California, where the weather is so regularly lovely. Would I always feel so invigorated or would I take the late sunsets and soft breezes for granted? Could I ever be a year round jogger?… Hard to imagine, especially when my guts have taken me to the the comparatively frigid east coast and Chicago, and I’ve always had a yearning to try out Boston… The thought of being able to wear my fuchsia summer skimmer jeans (as seen here on the lovely Kendi. Man, I love those things) while sipping something cold and lounging on a patio chair every day of my life does have it’s appeal though.

Life has been pretty quiet (hence all the photos of books and beverages on the Instagram), but I’ve got lots of projects to work on. And lots of reading and iced coffee drinking to do. And hopefully more Play-Do snake rolling with Scarlett. Hard to believe it was only a number of weeks ago my fingers were numb from cold while clutching that copy of Is Underground from John King, or that the guys were bundled up in winter coats while scarfing down their disgusting Tellway… meat blobs.


Yeah, I guess I’ll end it on that.


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