Momiji Snap Happy

Not counting boring old academic scholarships (j/k, education is da best), I think the last time I entered a contest was in the 3rd grade. I drew a poster for our local USPS office featuring a sun wearing sunglasses and received an official United States Postal Service post box key chain as my winnings. There may have been a t-shirt of voucher or some other reward involved, but the keychain is all I remember and I use it to wrangle my mail box key to this day very. Each time I pull a stack of junk mail out I am reminded of my accomplishment (sun wearing sunglasses). Today though, so many moons later, I find myself the winner of an even more illustrious prize: MOMIJIS!

I tied for third place in the Momiji Snap Happy Photo Contest with the above Instagram’d photo of myself dressed as Book Club dolly “Danielle”, the cutest and nerdiest of them all. If you’re an adult who likes dolls too much, you too will enjoy checking out the winning entries.

A couple of my other shots. Thanks to Momiji HQ for hosting the fun! Maybe I won’t wait another 20 years to enter another contest :)

For prior Momiji love, check out this blog entry, wherein drew myself as a book clubber doll.


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