Flower Girls

In a recent pattern post I mentioned being smitten with Orla Kiely’s Flower Girls print. Now, I’m smitten with Orla Kiely in general, but this print I love. It looks great just as an abstract graphic, but when you look closer, you see a field of flowers, and then when you look even closer you can see all these gangly gals, and that makes me love it all the more. So I decided I would draw figures based on the shape of the girls in the pattern wearing dresses inspired by those shapes and the lovely fabrics in the Orla Kiely Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook. Here’s what I started with:

a swatch of the fabric in “liqourice” and a few really quick sketches of the figures I saw. It was a bit like cloud watching.

And here’s the final illustration…

The background is scanned from a paper collage I made while in college.

One of my favorite things about drawing people has always been dreaming up clothes for them. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was little. I remember being about 7, maybe younger, and having drawing competitions with Michelle, my younger sister. We would pick a category (evening gown, party dress, swimsuit, generally anything you would find and be offended by during a Miss America pageant) and then give ourselves 10 minutes to draw three or so “looks”. Then we would vote on our favorites (and no, we didn’t always vote for our own), rank them, and repeat the whole process. We would do this for hours. That’s what I thought about while I was working on this. It was just fun. Now that we all know what my actual closet is full of, you’ll understand why it is I must look to the realm of fantasy (and Pinterest) for cupcake-shaped dresses and oversized bows.


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