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Guys! After much printer research, I am in the process of setting up an Etsy shop. Finally. Is there anyone else left on the internet who hasn’t got their own internet store front? I think it’s just me at this point and I’m feeling left out.

If you have a spare minute or two, I would love to get your opinion on what prints to include in my shop. Of course, I’m happy to print any of my work on request, but I want to get an idea of which to stock up on for quick turn-around. Aside from any logos (obvs), anything on my website at is an option. In my mind, these three would make for the best prints (keeping 8×10, 8×12 sizes in mind):

I’m fond of the Flower Girls print photographed at the top of the post, but not so sure how tactful (or legal) including the Orla pattern in the print would be. May require tweaking…

But what do you think? Comments most appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Print Poll

  1. Hello!

    First time commenter, long time follower. In addition to the three you chose, I think ‘Birthday Blowout’ and ‘Zombie Parade’ would also work great as prints. I also love your Twinkle by Wenlan illustration, but I’m sure there would be the same legal problems as the Orla Kiely one. Phooey.

    Also, where are you printing your work from if you mind me asking. I’m looking to eventually print some of my own work and haven’t even begun to research!


  2. Christina – thanks so much for the comment and feedback! I’m using For me, it makes more sense than buying a fancy Epson printer right away, though for stationery purposes, I think that’s ultimately the route I want to go. I like that they have a variety of printing methods (including giclee) and papers to choose from, and the print sizes, and even trim, are customizable. My colors came out spot-on, so I’m excited to order more from them. I checked the Etsy forums, amongst other things, and saw a recommendation for as well, which you may be interested in.

    I don’t believe the Twinkle by Wenlan illustration ought to be an issue — Fifi Lapin would be in big trouble if she got sued every time she drew something she saw on, but the Orla pattern is the actual print, not my rendering. Collage is tricky. Probably best to avoid any possibility of copyright infringement, in the end :)

  3. Well you know I LOVE Cracked or I Miss You Already. I also love Mirror too, but of course they are all amazing.

  4. I (of course) love Mirror. Unfold, Cracked or I Miss You Already and Rescue would make GREAT stationary. I really love Flower Girls, even the sketches would make nice stationary or if you could make your own print for the background.

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