Flower Girls II

At the beginning of the month, I posted an illustration I made that was inspired by an Orla Kiely pattern called “Flower Girls”. Since the figures in my illustration are based on a pattern, I decided to try putting my own figures into a pattern, to see how closely my drawing reflected the energy and spirit of it’s inspiration. And I have to say, pretty well. I’ve since removed the actual Orla Kiely print from my illustration and now my girls are wearing themselves. Not that it’s very obvious. In short: pattern begets illustration begets pattern begets illustration.

1. “Flower Girls” pattern by Orla Kiely 2. My sketch of the figures I saw in the pattern 3. A sketch based on my…er… sketch 4. Completed figures 5. Completed illustration 6. Silhouette I made from my figures 7. Pattern made from silhouettes, which I then put back into the illustration. FULL CIRCLE.

Prints of the new version of the illustration will be available this summer, when I launch my Etsy shop. Which reminds me, thanks to everyone who commented here and on Facebook as re: the Print Poll. Always appreciate feedback!


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