Bachelorettes & Business Cards

Here are a few bits of printed matter that came off the presses this April:

Business cards for photographer Lizz Kuehl and Mini May Creations, creator of adorable crocheted hats for kids. The text art is (or will be) featured on the websites for each. Two awesome ladies producing awesome work. Check ’em out.

And thirdly, here’s a bachelorette party invitation I designed for one soon-to-be-wed Rorey. I really love designing personalized invitations like this. Weddings are always fun, but the two bachelorette invitations I’ve created so far have both been surprises commissioned by top notch bridesmaids, so the bride doesn’t expect them and is especially touched by the gesture. At least I hope. I always think it speaks a lot about a person when they take care to have their stationery — business cards, paper, a beautifully addressed enveloped, or a well-wrapped present — reflect themselves. Or maybe I just like paper too much. *shrug* (Mind the gap, RSVP info was removed for privacy)


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