Mug Shot

One of my 2012 resolutions was to paint more. In college, oil painting was my main method of art making, which is typical for undergrad art students, I suppose, but it was also my greatest therapy. After college, without the studio/classroom I so frequently had to myself to paint in at all hours of the night, painting started to seem like a messy, turpentine-smelly hassle. Last year, to my own horror, I found myself using my easel as a clothing rack. That’s when I realized things had to change. So, while I doubt it will ever be my main artistic squeeze again, painting makes me a calmer, saner person and is something I need to do more of for myself. That said, here’s an oil painting I completed a month or so ago.

Our favorite mugs; Star Trek is Ben’s and Kate Spade is mine. Obviously, right?

Now, by completed I mean maybe I’ll come back to it later. I’m happier with the Star Trek mug than the Kate Spade because it’s more painterly. I think I got too precise on the lady mug side of things and it reads a bit gaudy. Or maybe it’s just that I wouldn’t normally paint in the palette of colors on the KSNY mug. THEN AGAIN, maybe it’s better not to dwell and just move on to the next thing.


2 thoughts on “Mug Shot

  1. I think you’re referring to the Star Trek mug as a Star Wars mug as some form of cruel joke. It makes me sad, really, to think that anyone believes Star Trek could live up to the Star Wars universe. That aside, nice painting :)

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