A Doll for Dylan

I made a silly drawing for my pal Dylan, so I thought I would post it here and take another opportunity to wish her a very happy birthday. Happy 25th, Dylan! A toast to you with only the shittiest and cheapest of beers!

Okay. So. Doll cakes. The internet is bursting with them and I can’t believe I never thought to draw one before (I myself had a small blue one with a plastic clown’s head all to myself for my first birthday). Now it’s all I’ll ever want to put on another birthday card. I’m particularly intrigued by the short stumpy ones. Are we to believe this bombshell Barbie (bottom right) is hiding 2 inch long legs under that frosted hoop skirt? More troubling still, I imagine cutting into this baby doll cake to be a lot like taking a seat at the Gross Clinic. Yikes.


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