Bookstore Girl

I use the Clear app on my phone to store all kinds of lists (an Apartment To-Do list, my “Legit” Shopping List — as opposed to my Wish List — etc) one of which is a long list of Art Projects to Try. When I’ve got creative energy to burn I just flip through the list and pick something to start working on. It’s a sort of rainy day activity list. Some items are specific (series of illustrations inspired by Lesley Gore song lyrics) and others are vaguer (illustrate a short story). One that’s been kicking around on the list for a while is to draw figures into a photographed scene a la Knuffle Bunny or these Fawn Gehweiler illustrations I’ve long adored. Between midnight and 2am this morning seemed like a good time to get that one checked off the list.

The photo was taken at Royal Oak Books, an avalanche-style used books store on Woodward Avenue.

May need to add this one back onto the to-do list. Seems like it would make a good series. Maybe just metro-Detroit locales? Hmmm hmmm hmmm…


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