The Gates Markel Family

As a one year anniversary present to her husband, writer-blogger-singer-actress and generally lovely person Lindsey Gates Markel commissioned me to illustrate a portrait of her family, including herself, husband Larry, step son Syd, and kitty cat Izzy. Here’s the final product:

And here’s a look at how we got there…

My sketches start at a fearful level of awful, as witnessed above, but they’re a good way to quickly share ideas and figure out positioning. We decided to go with a combo of the first two sketches to create the third, and from there were able to focus on details like hair and clothing styles, the look of the space, and personal details like the Ani Difranco record, Hunger Games novel, and sunflowers, all of which hold special significance to their family. I felt fortunate that Lindsey was down with putting a crazy-eyed Izzy in the spotlight. (so long as she didn’t block view of Syd’s prized Air Jordans).

Above: a final look at the image pre-coloring and being scrutinized by Izzy herself. <3

Happy anniversary to one of the sweetest, swellest couples out there, and thank you to Lindsey for the pleasure of this commission. Making it personal is what I love to do, so this was a perfect project for me.


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