And Another (New) Thing…

My pal Lindsey Gates-Markel (whom I have told you to go read a million times so, by golly, just do it) and I have been excitedly cooking up a project to work on together for a while now. Finally, on Monday afternoon, we sent our blog baby out into the world! It’s called Pinkie Swear and you can coo over it at

Here’s the deal: Pinkie Swear is a story blog written by Lindsey and illustrated by me. We’ll be posting a new story based on a real life childhood memory every Monday for you to laugh at, commiserate with, or maybe even feel a bit weepy over. In Lindsey’s much more stirring words…

We handle your childhood secrets, chop them to their cores, and re-imagine them as the beautiful, sad, mysterious, hilarious stories they are. Dig deep into your psyche and unearth those moments that have lingered long enough to sprout roots. Pinkie Swear will make them bloom.

See? There’s a reason she does the writing. I hope you’ll check out our first story and maybe even submit your own.

Happy lingering!


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