Oliver Jeffers: Good at Everything

I’ve been thinking I should make more little blog posts. Y’know. Just thoughts, when I’m actually thinking them, as opposed to planning to blog about something, then hardly ever doing it because it becomes a task. Well here’s one of those quick little thoughts. And it’s one that I have often: Oliver Jeffers is too good.

He’s so inventive and artistically gifted, and he seems so energized and just all-around likeable that I’m inspired, but almost crushingly so. Like, his work makes me want to make work. Except that I would also be happy to just look at his work instead. But looking at his work also makes me feel a bit inept. Everything he makes excites me.

This video is just another example of him being more charming and imaginative than the rest of us. This time, in video format.

For more crushingly inspiring work see also: Jon Klassen, 2013 Caldecott medal winner and honoree (can I get a “zeetus lepeetus”?)


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