Palette Puzzle

I was just catching up on my RSS feed and reading Design Work Life‘s Design Ranch 2013 coverage (and wishing I was there, like everyone else not in attendance) and was so interested to hear about Anna Bond’s color story workshop. You can read the post for details and photos here, but the gist is this:

Anna works with a palette of only 24 colors. Twenty-four! Despite how cohesive the Rifle product line is, I never would have guessed her palette was so small. In her workshop, participants had to create a palette of only 16 colors, and then choosing from amongst those 16, create three palettes of three colors each, making sure each contained a balance of lights and darks, vibrancy and subtly, and warm and cool colors.

I love working in a limited color palette, but I always create my palettes on a project-by-project, illustration-by-illustration basis. There’s no official Nicole J. Wroblewski color story (though most artists’ have their favorites, consciously or not. I’m always drawn toward pink, for example, though I try to steer myself away from it), but now I’m tempted to make one. Or to try anyway. It sounds tricky, but fun. A color puzzle.


For more of Anna Bond’s creative industry smarts, check out this interview with The Everygirl.


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