The Boyfriend App: Free Wallpaper Pattern

The Boyfriend App: A Free Pattern by She Can Lift a Horse

In preparation for the release of her debut YA title, The Boyfriend App (out from HarperCollins at the end of this month), I’ve been helping author Katie Sise spruce up her social media outlets with some Boyfriend App inspired art. One such project included designing a pattern that could be used on her Twitter page, and doubles as a free download; a techy tie-in for readers to decorate their own social media, phones, desktops, and tablets with.

The pattern is composed of illustrations that represent key characters: hunter green Converse for shy, sweet Aidan, the Brad Pitt of computer nerds; designer flats for fashion blogger Lindsay; main protagonist Audrey’s lucky rabbit’s foot; the white glove of Nigit Gurung, coke-bottle-glasses-wearing dork turned Michael Jackson fashion plate. Fun to read, fun to draw.

The Boyfriend App: A Free Pattern by She Can Lift a Horse

Grab a wallpaper for yourself. The tile is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. To use it on your desktop: right click, select “use image as desktop picture”. (if the image doesn’t tile by default, select “tile” from system preferences). Phone and tablet sizes are also listed. Enjoy! :)


Tiles: small | medium | large
iPad / iPad Mini
iPad Retina
iPhone 5 | iPhone 4 | iPhone


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